Gold Coast pamper packages

Looking for that perfect gift for Christmas?

Have you considered a couples massage? We’ve asked some of our regular patrons if they prefer to have couples massages or individual massages…

Some of our couples said it’s a great activity they can do together and sometimes they use it as a reward for working hard around the house, or as a date day to re-connect. Other couples said that they enjoy a solo massage as it gives them time to rejuvenate for their partners and they enjoy the private time to reconnect with their body rather then running ragged for the family.

Traditionally you would think that predominantly woman are the sex most likely to frequent the spa, but more and more often we see men coming in! Some come in because their partners have complained about the state of their feet! Lol! Don’t feel bad guys, we know you work hard and play hard so there’s no shame in sluffing off those extra layers to avoid scratching your partners legs at night!

Around this time many men come to our spa’s to purchase a pamper package as a special holiday treat for their ladies. We always like to suggest making it a couples package as it benefits both of you in the long run. Couples who relax together are less likely to fight, more likely to be able to handle stress, and as always you get to spend time together without having to worry about anything except for closing your eyes and slipping into a few hours of bliss!

So if you want a gift under the tree that benefits the both of you, come spend the day with us! We have special packages and discounts offered specifically for the holidays and for couples!

For more information take a peek under our packages section or feel free to give us a
call during our hours of operation: 07 5538 0599

Hope to see you soon!

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