Why use organic face products?

When I was a little girl, my mum was forever trying to stop me conducting make-believe facials on my sister using mud out of the garden! If we had known then that one day I would go on to become the dedicated owner of three gorgeous Gold Coast day spas, we probably would have understood that those funny childhood games were actually laying the foundation of a life dedicated to promoting the benefits of sustainable and organic skincare.

Over the years we’ve treated thousands of clients to facials, pampering and massages. During this time I’ve been approached by dozens of skincare sales reps and sampled dozens of skincare ranges and nothing feels as perfect on my skin as organic, natural products. So many of our clients comment immediately on the difference in the look and feel of their skin after a facial using our OrganicSpa skincare range. One recent client had been arguing with a mysterious dry patch of skin on her face for months on end, which disappeared within two weeks after switching to OrganicSpa intense moisture. True!

And the benefits of organic skincare don’t stop at the exterior of your skin either. New research demonstrates a frightening link between parabens in skincare and an increased risk of breast cancer. If the ingredients on the back of your skincare bottles include lots of butyl-, ethyl-, methyl- and propyl- (which are the four main parabens) I suggest you throw them in the bin. I don’t want to scare you, but each time you apply these ingredients to your skin, you are increasing your risks of disrupting the natural state of your hormones. Parabens are just one in a whole list of skincare ingredients that we should all be avoiding in our face products. Ten Ingredients to avoid.

Thankfully I’m now all grown up and I’ve grown out of applying garden mud to my sister’s face in an effort to enhance her natural beauty! These days I stick to my OrganicSpa and do what I can to educate other women and men about the benefits of sustainable and organic skincare.

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