At Calmer Therapies, our Holistic Treatments offer a natural alternative to relieving the body of discomfort and pain, and ridding the mind of stress and anxiety. Our team of expert Therapists can help to improve your quality of life through mindfulness, tension relieving methods and pure relaxation.

A Calmer Therapies Holistic Treatment allows you to transcend into a space of quiet and calmness, shift your mindset and reduce aches and pains. The release of stress, anxiety and tension through Massage and Treatment increases endorphins allowing the body’s own healing process to begin

Mindfulness Facial

1hr (allow 1hr 10mins) $150

Slip into a state of Mindfulness as you are taken on a guided journey to help ease your mind and become completely present. The Mindfulness Facial combines a purifying and relaxing Treatment with guided meditation to help you transcend into the ultimate state of calm and presence. Designed to nourish your skin and calm your mind for a completely holistic experience.

The Bacial

40mins (allow 50mins) $110

Your back is so often neglected.


Calmer Therapies will lavish your back with much needed love and attention. After cleansing and exfoliation, we will use a detoxifying mud mask which is removed with hot towels. This treatment would not be complete without a massage of the back, scalp and feet.

Champi Migraine Massage

40mins (allow 50mins) $95

Champi is the original Ayurvedic art of Indian head massage. It focuses on the scalp, face, neck, shoulders. The brain is the seat of the nervous system and by massaging the head and neck you are in fact treating the whole body, as the nerves, blood and lymph vessels leave from the base of the neck and travel down the spine to the rest of the body. Coconut oil is used on the head as it cools and softens the skin and is strengthening and nourishing to the hair. For those that experience migraines or headaches, Champi will rid you of pain, discomfort, and aching. Discover a holistic alternative to relief and transcend into the ultimate state of calm.