Intuitive, Nurturing and Healing; Our Massage Therapists at Calmer Therapies understand that every mind, body and soul is unique and therefore requires a unique touch and treatment. We tailor each and every Calmer experience to suit the client. 

Your entire being, will be be lavished as you transcend into the ultimate state of relaxation.

Design Your Massage

Be spoiled for choice with our selection of Calmer Massages. Our expert Therapists will tailor each Treatment to suit your individual needs.



20mins (allow 30mins) $59
50mins (allow 1hour) $104
1hour 20 mins (allow 1hour 30mins) $154
1hour 50 mins (allow 2hours) $199

The Calmer Signature

1hr 15mins (allow 1hr 20mins) $155

Our most popular massage begins with a full body exfoliation using a divine body brush, followed by a full body massage. Your feet will be indulged with a gorgeous scrub (removed with steaming hot towels) and those tight facial muscles receive a beautiful massage using our exclusive aromatherapy blend. All stress will finally melt away with a tension relieving scalp massage focusing on those tight acupressure points.

Massage treatments

Hot Stone Massage

1hr 20mins (allow 1hr 30mins) $164


A specialty massage that uses smooth heated stones to release your tight muscles and achieve mental relaxation. It is a deeply soothing and relaxing massage and the stones can also be used to give an amazing deep tissue massage.


Full Body Massage & Scrub

1hr 20mins (allow 1hr 30mins) $164


This full body exfoliation using a Lavender, bees wax and sea salt scrub will rid your skin of dry, rough layers. The scrub is removed with hot towels and followed by a massage focusing on those tight areas. Your circulation will be stimulated, and your skin will be smooth and glowing.


Magnesium Massage

1hr 15mins (allow 1hr 20mins) $155


This massage incorporates aromatherapy oils and magnesium, allowing clients to relax faster than normal massage oils that are currently used. Using a combination of Swedish massage and rolling techniques this unique massage helps to relieve muscle stiffness, relieve sore neck and shoulders, relieve headaches and migraines, great for clients suffering from fibromyalgia, tendonitis, osteo arthritis, fatigue, cramping and simply want to relax and relieve pain.

Indulge alongside someone special in our Double Treatment Room. Each Treatment experience is designed to be shared.