At Calmer Therapies, we offer an extensive selection of Massage, Beauty and Holistic Treatments that heal the body, soothe the soul and relax the mind. Our Gold Coast Massage space will allow you to transcend into a complete state of calm and relaxation.

The consistent warmth from our experienced Therapists, our fluffy white towels, our herbals teas and our specialty treatments will make you glow from the inside out. Come to the place where you’ll be nurtured, lavished and cared for.

Be spoiled for choice with divine beauty Treatments that will rejuvenate and replenish your face, hands and feet. Our team of professional Gold Coast Massage and beauty therapists do our utmost to give you the Calmer Therapies treatment we are so well known for. 


Our Gold Coast Massage Therapists specialise in all styles of Massage and can tailor a treatment that will target your specific concerns, relax your mind and nourish your skin.

Face & Skin

At Calmer Therapies, our Therapists have a deep understanding of skin and how to make it radiate. We offer an extensive range of Advanced Skin Treatments and Medical Grade Facials and Peels. 

Holistic Treatments

We offer a holistic approach to traditional Massage and Skin Therapy. Our Holistic Treatment encompass divine elements that transform your state of mind.

Mini Escapes

Our Packages include the most popular and indulgent elements from our Massage, Holistic and Therapeutic Treatments. Our Mini Escapes provide the ultimate Calmer Experience and will treat your entire being.

Beauty Treatments

Calmer Therapies offer beautiful Maintenance Treatments including Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and Brow Sculpting.

Indulge alongside someone special in our Double Treatment Room. Each Treatment experience is designed to be shared.